Last Updated On:24 Sep 2016 03:59 PM

Position – Project Fellow                                                                                        Duration – One Year

Advertisement for Position of “Project Fellows” (Junior Research Fellowship) on DPU / DST funded Projects
Sr. No. Post code Title of Project Principal Investigator Project Funded by Details
      1.              MDRC-01RP Bioprospecting of Beneficial Bacterial Endophytes from Endemic Plants in Western Ghats of India Dr. Rachna Pandey DPU View Details
      2.              MDRC-02NN Screening of lactic acid bacteria for characteristic human and plant probiotic properties Dr. Neelu Nawani DPU View Details
      3.              MDRC-03GT Exploring the potential of agricultural and domestic lignocellulosic feedstock for microbial production of bioethanol Dr. G. D. Tandon, DPU View Details
      4.              CTRL-01NS Investigating landscape of crosstalk between ATM kinase and DNA ligase III in breast carcinoma cells Dr. Nilesh Kumar Sharma DPU View Details
      5.              CTRL-02SB Evaluation of chemopreventive/anti-cancer activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria on Colon Carcinoma Dr. Soumya Basu DPU View Details
      6.              PBL-01RKG Harnessing the potential of antigen presentation in immunotherapy Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta DPU View Details
      7.              DST-SERB Exploitation of abnormal DNA repair in cancer as a strategy for cancer therapy Dr. Nilesh Kumar Sharma DST-SERB View Details